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Vocals  +  acoustic guitar


Elizabeth Coyle Kominski is a Vocalist, Theatre Director / Actor, High School Teacher, Guitarist, Songwriter, Marathon Runner, Session Musician, Singing Telegram Company Owner (DC Telegrams, which is the best reviewed Singing Telegram service on Gig Salad), Mother, Wife and Community Activist.


She is a member of the jazzy pop band Guys And Doll as well as one half of the children's music duo, The Bubbas.  From 2003 through 2019, she was a frequent guest and collaborator on several Lloyd Dobler Effect albums and at many more of the band's live performances.  

Elizabeth's many colorful contributions to music can be pretty well summed up in the following two paragraphs, published in the Frederick Gazette, and referencing her vocal contributions to Lloyd Dobler Effect's Experience Unplugged live album:

"What makes this quite possibly the best LDE release is the help of the aforementioned musicians.  "The Experience Unplugged" is exhibit A when it comes to making the case for Elizabeth Coyle Kominski being a permanent member of the band.  Her lead-lady aura bleeds through each song with the force of a hurricane and each time she steps to the microphone, another memorable moment is right around the corner.  "I Know You,"  "Even Wildflowers Grow,"  Mickey and Sylvia's classic "Love Is Strange" and "Spare Change" only scratch the surface of what this band could be if they decided to let that hippie-soul voice stick around full time.  Her efforts pay homage to so many great and unique female vocals that comparing her to others would be a disservice to the diversity and power she brings.

Her presence also allows the sound of the band to expand.  Their take on Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Lookin' Out My Back Door" could just as well come off as generic and cheap,  but these guys somehow make it seem OK and a lot of that ability is easily tied to the presence of Elizabeth's vocals"

Elizabeth is looking forward to releasing a new album in 2020, which will be another collaboration between her and her husband, Phil Kominski.

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