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Phil Kominski Indy 2
Elizabeth Coyle Kominski 2
Joe Brotherton 10
Phil Kominski & Javi Godinez Wedding Ceremony Duo

Over 3 million miles on tour... That is equal to six trips to the moon and back.  Over 4000 gigs performed.  Performances in all fifty states of the USA and in more than forty countries.  Thousands of albums sold and hundreds of thousands of songs streamed online.  Have opened for, recorded with and written songs with countless music industry legends.  But perhaps most importantly, the members of The Breakaways simply love music and enjoy finding the time to perform together, regardless of what material they are showcasing.  Each band member has one or more passion projects that define his / her musical endeavor.  



Phil Kominski (vocals/guitars) formed the band Lloyd Dobler Effect and has now moved on to focus much of his time on the 2020 release of his first solo album, coordinating The Breakaways operation and schedule, running his business (Freestyle Booking & Events), Coaching at a well-respected DC area Club Swim Team (NCAP) and being with his family.

Elizabeth Coyle Kominski (vocals/acoustic guitar) is a Vocalist, Theatre Director / Actor, High School Teacher, Guitarist, Songwriter, Marathon Runner, Session Musician, Singing Telegram Company Owner (DC Telegrams, which is the best reviewed Singing Telegram service on Gig Salad), Mother, Wife and Community Activist.  She is a member of the jazzy pop trio Guys And Doll as well as one half of the children's music duo, The Bubbas.  From 2003 through 2019, she was a frequent guest and collaborator on several Lloyd Dobler Effect albums and at many more of the band's live performances.

Chris Brooks (keyboards) has been a professional world-touring pianist and keyboardist for over twenty years.  He is one of the talented songwriters / musicians in the popular band, Lionize, which has endless accolades associated with their group.  In addition, Chris is a well respected studio / live session musician and live sound / studio engineer.  

Javi Godinez (violin/vocals) has collaborated on various multi-genre projects,  always working to get the best sound for each.  The rich Latin American timbre and identity is very important to him, so his music often reflects that.  Always passionate about violin pedagogy, Javi developed his electric violin technique  by  blending the classical with the contemporary, establishing the violin at the forefront of each performance.  Performing with The Breakaways, Javi displays many of his experimental ideas and enjoys connecting with acquaintances and new friends from all walks of life.

Joe Brotherton (trumpet/vocals) has been performing every genre of music with countless bands on the East Coast since his honorable discharge from the Quantico Marine Band.  He’s currently working on completing an album featuring his Quintet and original music. Joe’s Quintet appears weekly at Jojo on U St in DC.

Dan Gallagher (bass/vocals) is a co-founder of the band Chasing Autumn. In addition to writing and recording his own original music with his band, he regularly travels the country to perform and record with artists such as Logan Smith and Christian Lopez.


The Breakaways always put on a professionally versatile performance.  They are consummate musicians who are extremely punctual and easy to work with.  They specifically design each set dependent upon the event they are performing at and their client's needs and requests.  They are the best choice for your event and are looking forward to hearing from you. 

Elizabeth Coyle Kominski live at The 9_3
Chris Brooks Keyboards
Javi Godinez BW
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